Ironing MatDo you have an ironing mat? Have you ever considered buying one for your home? They can be a handy alternative to the full sized board, especially when you are doing one small item and are in a rush for time. For smaller homes, there may be no place at all for one, and there is certainly no place to keep it put up.

Choosing the Right Materials Before You Buy

There are a number of materials that you can choose from for your own version. Some are quilted to protect the surface that they are placed on. Some have a metallic backing for the same purpose as well as to reflect heat back to make the job faster and more time efficient. Whichever type you choose, you should be careful that you are not allowing it to get too hot because while it does provide some protection from heat, it is not impermeable and may still lead to damage.

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Choose where you iron with yours carefully. A good option to consider is the type that you can place on top of your dryer allowing you a centrally located laundry center even in the smallest of homes. This type is usually magnetized so that you can hang them right on the dryer, even if you need to move them to the side when they are not in use.

Know the Rules of Surface to Surface

They are meant to absorb heat, but where does that heat go? It is usually dissipated along the surface that it is sitting on. If you are ironing on top of the dryer, you are talking about metal that is meant to take some heat; after all the dryer generates heat as well. But, if you are talking about a kitchen counter or a kitchen table, that generated heat can cause damage. While it might seem shocking, there are counters that are used in kitchens all over the country that are not really designed to take the heat. Some have a special backing that might keep them from sliding around but can leave behind a sticky residue on the counter.

Use great caution when using those with black, rubberized or metallic looking reflective backings which can both lead to this type of damage to a number of household surfaces. Your ironing mat should make your chores easier to do, without making them more dangerous.

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